This is a homepage of Family Association Rossi in Rautalampi, Finland.

The family association is for the descendants of Ambrosius (Brusius) Rossi who was a crofter in a village called Kärkkäälä in Rautalampi, Finland from the late 1630's. He used the familyname Rossi for the first time in 1640. Ambrosius' father was Matti but there is no further information left about him. Ambrosius was married twice, his first wife was Riitta and the second wife's name was Dordi. There were at least five sons (Matti, Heikki, Brusius, Juho and Mikko) and one daughter, Vappu, in the family. The last note about Ambrosius is from 1668.

The descendants of Ambrosius live all around Finland and even all around the world today. If You think You might belong to this extended family and would like to know more and even join our association, please, contact us: suvirossi(at)

Take a look at the discussion board (Keskustelupalsta): there may be a discussion in English, too!